Italy at JP Morgan Health Care Conference: interview with PierluigiParacchi (Genenta Science)

At the JP Morgan Health Care Conference, the life science working group and dedicated agency, created in Italy, were in the spotlight. Paracchi (Genenta Science)’s interview about the event.

In the life science sector, Italy has now a working group and a specialized agency with a significant budget to support a leading role internationally. This is the news emerged at the 42nd JP Morgan Health Care Conference held in San Francisco from January 8 to 11. The event connects global industry leaders, emerging companies, and major investors in research. Pierluigi Paracchi, CEO & Co-Founder of Genenta Science and a member of the executive committee of Federchimica-Assobiotec, explains the importance of the San Francisco Conference

Paracchi: Italy’s international cooperation on Health, Biotech and Life Science

Recently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani, established a Working Group for the Internationalization of Industries in the biotechnology sector. It includes representatives from the Ministries of Health, University-Research, and Industry-Made in Italy, as well as members of leading sector foundations, research aggregators, and producer associations.

Paracchi is one of the key figures in the Working Group and says: “We held the event ‘Italy on the Move,’ a space reserved for us for the past 7 years, where we had over 250 attendees on the evening of Wednesday, the last day, and just as many presences.” A success, where some premises of the strategic cooperation between our country and the United States formalized last November in the event “Italy-USA, International Cooperation on Emerging Biotechnologies and Life Sciences,” of which Paracchi was the main promoter, materialized.

Enea Biomedical Tech, a support agency for biotech and technology transfer sector

“We now have a support agency for the sector, Enea Biomedical Tech, which was presented at the San Francisco conference and is about to start with a capital of 1.2 billion available for investments,” explains Paracchi.
“We are talking about figures in line with those of American agencies. For example, the American ARPA H (Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health) has a budget of 2.5 billion. And, just as the United States has the National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology, we now have the Working Group on internationalization. A reality that will advise the Italian government to grow the sector and includes prominent figures, such as Giovanni Caforio, currently the executive chairman of Bristol Myers Squibb and a key player in BMS’s acquisition of Selgin.”
Finally, a mention of the innovations that stood out the most at the San Francisco Conference: “In 2023, products against obesity were the big winners. In oncology, the new CAR-T therapies are expanding their indications to other pathologies.”