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EDRA. A culture of health and people

Edra S.p.A. is an Italian ambition and an international vocation animated by over 400 professionals with 35 years of market experience and driven by unique resources.

Edra is to imagine solutions for the future of the Health System. It is to create value in solving inefficiencies and improving care. It is to use unique skills and resources to catalyze the evolution of the System, with a systemic vision that recognizes the value of the individual.

Edra’s goals

01. Improving care

Seize the opportunities offered by innovation. Collect successful experiences from other industries and produce new models and new paradigms that improve the work of the professional and the health of the person.

02. Affirming the value

Reading and understanding the health dynamics overcoming subjectivity and affirming the objective value of science, research, innovation, ethics, passion, coherence.

03. Building new knowledge

Create new synapses for a more systemic and deeper vision of the complexity of the clinical and health challenges to be faced, as possible responses to be sought and built together.

04. Inspiring the evolution

To strive every day, every moment, to elevate ourselves and the society of which we are part, with the awareness of the power of the example, of the importance of failures and of the value of aspiration.

With three concepts in mind…

01. Innovation

Innovation is the only answer that allows us to build a future for the country. Innovation is the daily imperative for Health, in solving inefficiencies and improving care. Innovating means overcoming incremental improvements to trigger a process of evolutionary change.

02. Sustainability

Making sustainable choices means focusing on creating value rather than profits. It means investing energy and resources for the community rather than pursuing personal interests. It means using the proceeds in the territory that generates them. It means believing in the possibility of creating companies with a human face, ethical and aimed at the well-being of the community.

03. Resilience

The times require a revolution of thought that allows us to anticipate and deal effectively with the complexity of the world in which we live: everyday reality is much more complex than we perceive, in an age of dramatic change the only wise choice is to act as revolutionaries.






Giorgio Albonetti, President

Ludovico Baldessin, Chief Executive Officer, l.baldessin@lswr.it


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