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Aim & Scope


ITTBioMed: Biomedicine innovation told by health leaders

Biomedicine plays an important role in modern medicine and in the fight against disease, and includes several areas of study, such as Genetics, Developmental Biology, Disease Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine.

Several actors are involved in Technology Transfer in Biomedicine, including researchers and scientists who develop innovative ideas, doctors and health professionals who will use new technological products, regulatory agencies that oversee their safety and effectiveness and companies or investors that will support their marketing.

In this scenario ITTBioMed Innovation and technology transfer in biomedicine is born to support the Italian and the European potential in Biomedicine, promote technology transfer and innovation and to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges which are essential for the evolution of the system.

To realize these goals, it is necessary to:

  • building collaborative networks among academia, industry, government, and healthcare providers;
  • facilitating knowledge exchange and resource sharing;
  • promoting entrepreneurial skills among scientists;
  • training programs and initiatives to bridge the gap between research and commercialization.

Our stakeholders: strengths and opportunities

  1. Researchers and scientists
    Development of technology and scientific knowledge underpinning technology transfer through start-ups and spin-offs.
  2. Institutions
    The institutional voice of the sector will have the role of screening options and transmitting information on the trend of technological innovation for research.
  3. Medical doctors and healthcare professionals
    Recipients of technological innovations in the sector and main users. They are responsible for feedback on the effectiveness of proposals.
  4. Financial institutions
    Funding for translational research (Venture Capitals).
  5. Enterprises in Life Sciences
    Pharma, Medical Devices and Biotech companies active in the development, production, and marketing of technologies.
  6. Regulatory agencies
    Verify the safety and effectiveness of the technology before it can be marketed.

Our proposal

A multidisciplinary and dynamic platform with a continuous updating of scientific publications on:

  • Biotechnology
  • Biomedical Research
  • Pharmacology
  • Research and industrial development
  • Regulatory aspects


  • spaces dedicated to innovative ideas;
  • spaces for sponsors and collaborations;
  • services for companies and presentations One to One.

ITTBioMed would be a system that allows professionals to have an always current overview of how the System is evolving, with the support of an interface easy to use and constantly updated.

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