Circular Bioeconomy. The BioInvestIT forum of Cluster SPRING: first stop at MIND

At MIND in Milan, the first stage of the BioInvestIT Roadshow, an investment forum on circular bioeconomy, took place. Also scheduled is a call for ideas

The first stop of the BioInvestIT national Roadshow, an investment forum on circular bioeconomy, took place in Milan at MIND – Milano Innovation District. The initiative was conceived by the national cluster of circular bioeconomy SPRING and organized in collaboration with ECBF (European Circular Bioeconomy Fund), Bio4Dreams, SACE, Scientifica VC, and TerraNext. The event includes a traveling roadshow across Italy and a call for ideas open until March 20.

Call for ideas for bioeconomy, how to participate

The traveling roadshow, whose first stop was in Milan at MIND, is hosted by local partners of the initiative to strengthen relationships with the territories. Meanwhile, the call for ideas is open until March 20, 2024. All entities engaged in the field of bioeconomy seeking investors and interested in connecting with the innovation ecosystem represented by Spring and project BioInvestIT can participate. The most promising projects and companies (up to 10) will be invited to the Investor Arena Meeting, the concluding moment of the entire journey, scheduled in Milan in May (date yet to be defined), with the presence of the main international investors in the sector.

The Prize for the Best Presentation at the Milan Roadshow Stage went to Buoono, a startup active in agrifood, employing circular systems of regenerative cultivation.

Bastioli (Cluster SPRING): Circular Bioeconomy creates bridges between economy and ecology

Catia Bastioli, Cluster SPRING President, states: “In a context where promoting the diversity of solutions to address climate change, resource scarcity, and ecosystem degradation is increasingly essential, circular bioeconomy is a unique opportunity for innovation and regeneration. This is thanks to its ability to create bridges between economy and ecology. It means rethinking the production, use, and end-of-life of products, starting from local specificities, soil regeneration, integrated supply chains, applying new technologies to valorize waste and by-products, promoting participatory innovation, and increasing aspirations. It is a strategic sector that, in addition to clear legislation, requires an evolutionary approach capable of addressing complexity, many years of research and development, and substantial investments. For this reason, as Cluster SPRING, together with our partners, we are proud to launch BioInvestIt, an initiative that will see the finance world alongside promising entities in the bioeconomy, to contribute to accelerating the ecological transition starting today.

Sustainable innovation, well-being, and health intertwined with circular bioeconomy

Elisabetta Borello, Co-founder, VP Strategy & External Relations of Bio4Dreams, says: “Circular bioeconomy is the future, and BioInvestIT aims to become one of the main tools through which this future can take shape. This theme, in addition to being current, is closely intertwined with the Life Sciences sector, the focus of our activities. Today, it is essential to create a bridge between sustainable innovation and advancements in the fields of health and well-being. For this reason, we enthusiastically accepted the frontline involvement in organizing this new initiative. The stages across the national territory will bring together excellent entrepreneurial projects led by bright minds and innovative ideas for real sustainability. It is an opportunity to transform visions with great potential into concrete and revolutionary solutions.”

Beretta (Cariplo Factory): Accelerating the transition towards sustainable and resilient development models

Stefano Retrosi, Regional Manager Sales PMI Nord of SACE, declares: “We are proud to participate in the BioInvest IT event, organized by Cluster Spring. SACE, through its offering, supports circularity, bioeconomy, and green transition projects of Italian companies. We do this not only with our green guarantees, with which we have already supported about 600 projects for a total of 11 billion euros but also with accompanying initiatives such as education, training, and business matching, crucial to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their sustainable growth.

“Andrea Beretta, Head of startup & investment at Cariplo Factory and Responsible for the Terra Next Acceleration Program, adds: “Circular bioeconomy is an Italian excellence and is, more than ever, a priority of our time. Through research, new technologies, and the activation of co-innovation processes, we can accelerate the transition towards sustainable and resilient development models. Terra Next, born on the initiative of CDP Venture Capital and with the involvement of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center as a co-creator, aims to support the most innovative realities in our country in the field of bioeconomy, create interconnections with the scientific excellence of the territory and with leading companies in the sector, to build a sustainable future and contribute to boosting our country’s economy. For this reason, we are happy to be partners in this initiative: an opportunity to promote the bioeconomy meta-sector and enhance the most promising innovative realities in Italy.

Here are the other stops of the BioInvest IT Roadshow

BioInvestIT includes a series of stops across Italy, with the collaboration of local partners. The next ones:

Trieste on February 14 (Bio4Dreams)

Bolzano on February 27 (Bio4Dreams and NOI Tech Park)

Turin on March 5 (Incubatore 2i3T and Nodes)

Genoa on March 7 (Ticass and University of Genoa)

Naples on March 13 (Materias).

For more information on the BioInvestIT call and the national Roadshow stops:

For more information on the BioInvestIT call and the national Roadshow stops: