Zibellini (Farmindustria): Connecting Researchers and Companies

A platform that connects the scientific community with pharmaceutical companies. This is Innovation Flow, presented by Marco Zibellini, Technical Scientific Director of Farmindustria, during the launch event of ITTBioMed – Innovation & Technology Transfer in Biomedicine.

A platform born from Farmindustria and the Pharmacology Italian Society

Zibellini explains that the project, born from the collaboration between Farmindustria and the Pharmacology Italian Society (Sif), serves as a direct connection point between the scientific community and pharmaceutical companies. The platform, completely free of charge, allows researchers to directly present their research activities, ideas, projects, and products to pharmaceutical companies affiliated with Farmindustria. The project “is also open to incubators and venture capital, so they can quickly get in touch with researchers and evaluate potential interests.

The initiative is particularly aimed at those involved in the field of life sciences and health, as well as the technology transfer offices of universities, research centers, and pharmaceutical companies associated with Farmindustria, which represent 90% of the sector’s turnover in Italy. This initiative, as stated by Zibellini, “is a kind of forerunner of what we are experiencing today with ITTBioMed.