The University of Milan approves the concession to Lendlease. Within the year the beginning of the works

The University of Milan has reached a significant milestone in the project of the new Scientific Campus in MIND. The Board of Directors approved the concession to Lendlease  and the purchase of land from Arexpo, marking the final stage of the project.
This national initiative aims to enhance the appeal of Milan as a university city both in Italy and globally. During the same session, a new financial plan was launched, affirming the development of Città Studi as a University District. The plan includes the introduction of humanities, social, political, and economic courses of study.

The foundation stone for the new Scientific Faculties headquarters at MIND is scheduled to be laid in 2023, alongside the commencement of construction for the Humanistic Campus of Città Studi. After eight years since its conception, the Scientific Campus in MIND is nearing completion despite the challenges posed by the post-war period and the Covid pandemic.

Lendlease has been entrusted with a thirty-year concession for the management of the future seat of the Faculty of Science at the University of Milan, starting from 2026. The foundation stone for this facility will be laid by the end of 2023. Additionally, the University of Milan has resolved the contract for the sale of the land, which involves the acquisition of a 65,000 square meter area within MIND.

The MIND Campus is projected to accommodate a community of over 23,000 individuals, including students, researchers, teachers, and staff. It will feature 18,376 square meters of teaching area and 35,525 square meters of laboratories. The development of this campus will significantly transform the University of Milan, solidifying its scientific and international focus within the MIND framework. The integration of multidisciplinary scientific expertise will enhance the internal collaborations, and interactions with the local ecosystem will be facilitated through a state-of-the-art macro-technological platform. This platform will be available for national and international collaborations, marking a historic shift that propels the University of Milan and the other Universities towards a future-oriented vision.