Technology Transfer Necessary to Turn Scientific Discoveries into Effective Solutions

Technology transfer in the biotechnology sector is crucial for transforming scientific discoveries into effective commercial solutions. Through licensing agreements, collaborations, and partnerships, the flow of patented technologies and knowledge between different entities is facilitated. Recently, ITTBioMed by Edra and DLA Piper, supported by Lendlease, MIND, and T-Factor, highlighted the importance of this process by organizing the event “Patents and Secrets: Technology Transfer in Life Sciences.” The meeting aimed to strengthen the foundations of the biotech sector in Italy, promoting the protection of industrial property and scientific know-how.

Present at the event was Pierluigi Paracchi, CEO of Genenta, who discussed his personal experiences: “I want to recall my role as a Venture Capitalist in 2013 when we invested in an emerging team from a successful spin-off, that of Novospharma. What mattered was not the innovation itself, but the entrepreneurial ability of the team to develop the product, seek intellectual property, and manage the licensing.” The CEO continued, emphasizing the centrality of patents: “The winning formula combines entrepreneurship and protected innovation. This equation attracts capital quickly because the market is looking for valid ideas supported by solid entrepreneurial foundations.” Paracchi then highlighted the crucial role of technology transfer in connecting scientists and businesses, as already demonstrated by some experiences in our national market. “There are several examples of Italian scientists,” Paracchi explained, “who have been able to turn research into business thanks to the business culture learned abroad. This approach has allowed attracting investments and transforming science into a globally competitive enterprise.” In conclusion, Paracchi stressed that success in biotech depends not only on technological innovation but also on the ability to integrate it with entrepreneurial acumen. This synergy is essential for driving the sector towards new market and scientific milestones.