Regulatory Framework, National Ecosystem for Technology Transfer, and Enhancement of Specific Skills

In the biotechnology sector, the event “Patents and Secrets: Technology Transfer in Life Sciences” aimed to facilitate the transition of scientific discoveries from the laboratory to the market. Organized by ITTBioMed of Edra and DLA Piper, with the support of Lendlease, MIND, and T-Factor, the event promoted dialogue among professionals to strengthen the biotech sector in Italy and protect industrial property rights.

Marica Nobile, Director of Federchimica Assobiotec, was also present at the event. She emphasized the essential nature of technology transfer in the broad biotechnology sector, highlighting how “this area is fundamental for innovation and the development of new products.” Nobile identified three main challenges for companies: “creating a clearer regulatory framework, building a coordinated national ecosystem for technology transfer, and improving the specific skills required in this field.” She stressed the importance of overcoming the current fragmentation and adopting a more integrated approach, drawing inspiration from international successes. She concluded by proposing a vision of technology transfer as “a circular process, where companies influence research areas to better respond to market and societal needs.”