Protection of trade secrets in the life sciences field

In the landscape of biotechnology, the process of technology transfer plays a key role in converting laboratory discoveries into market solutions. Through the formalization of license agreements and the establishment of collaborations and alliances, the effective dissemination of patented technologies and the transfer of scientific expertise among different entities are promoted. In this context, the event “Patents and Secrets: Technology Transfer in Life Sciences“, organized by ITTBioMed by Edra and DLA Piper with the support of Lendlease, MIND, and T-Factor, was designed to stimulate knowledge exchange among industry professionals. This initiative aimed to strengthen the Italian biotechnological infrastructure and increase the protection of industrial property and specialized knowledge.

At the conference, Roberto Valenti, Partner at DLA Piper, intervened to delve into the importance of protecting trade secrets in the life sciences sector: “In some sectors, this protection becomes crucial. In particular,” explains Valenti, “Italy stands out in Europe for its advanced legislation dating back to 2004, which considers trade secrets as a right of industrial property. Despite the recognized importance of this protection,” Valenti points out, “companies do not always adopt the necessary measures to adequately protect commercial information. For example, in the pharmaceutical sector, where there is a tension between the need to keep information secret and the need to publish data to obtain authorization for the commercialization of drugs.” The speaker finally emphasized that, given the crucial importance of trade secrets for corporate protection, the adoption of effective protection tools remains advisable.