Pietrabissa (IUSS Pavia): Initiative to bring research to the forefront

Bringing research to the forefront and enhancing its social and economic impact, assisting in patenting for integration with the industrial and financial world, and supporting the pipeline from the laboratory to industrial development, are some of the topics addressed by Riccardo Pietrabissa, Rector of IUSS Pavia (Italy) and coordinator of the CRUI Commission for research valorization and technology transfer during the launch event of ITTBioMed – Innovation & Technology Transfer in Biomedicine.

Pietrabissa emphasized how ITTBioMed is an initiative that aims to “bring to light and develop research that often remains in laboratories and scientific publications without generating value. Not only economic-financial value, but also social value.” Developing products, services, and technologies from scientific research entails a lengthy process that involves the financial and industrial world, with the goal of bringing a product to market.

Patents are another topic addressed by Pietrabissa. The expert highlighted that “the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors are certainly among those that continue to maintain a positive growth rate in terms of patents.” For this reason, patents can be a tool to connect companies with the economic dimension necessary for research development.

Finally, according to the expert, it is essential establishing a pipeline with various actors in the system, starting from laboratory research to industrial development. “Building this pipeline,” commented Pietrabissa, “means developing specific areas of segments that must be perfectly interconnected.”