The Early Bioneers Award supports early-stage life science biotech startups

The Early Bioneers Award supports early-stage life science biotech startups
Bioneers is an awareness-raising project focused on the cultural and technological value of life science biotech. It aims to create initiatives for the development of cooperation on health, care, and well-being themes by leveraging successful models of research and innovation. It is the result of a three-year memorandum of understanding between the Embassy of Belgium in Italy and Galapagos Biopharma Italy S.r.l, a Belgian biotech company specializing in the development of innovative drugs. For this reason, Bioneers has established the Early Bioneers Award, which encourages young talents to start a technological medical project.


The Early Bioneers Award supports Life Science Biotech researchers
In fact, the early bioneers award aims to promote, as a recognition of personal merit and encouragement in the interest of the community, the development and growth of innovative early-stage startups in the life science biotech field. The goal is to support the initial entrepreneurial creation phase of young researchers in the biomedical and digital technology applied to the sector. For this reason, the three winning projects will be awarded a cash prize of €5000 each to support the project’s launch.


In particular, early-stage startups are newly established, or in the process of being established companies, with an active entrepreneurial project that offers high-tech solutions or services with growth potential. The award is open to candidates with Italian citizenship and under 30 years of age. Additionally, among the required documents to participate there are the business overview, which is a concise description of the project highlighting its innovative factors and distinctive elements; and the description of the underlying technology of the project and any intermediate milestones reached, along with indications about intellectual property.


Who is on the Technical Jury

The projects will be evaluated by a technical jury that will take into account innovation, contribution to the health of the community and patients, and the sustainability of the proposed idea:

  • Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw, Ambassador of Belgium in Italy
  • Guido Rasi, former President EMA
  • Paolo Bonaretti, Board Member of Enea Tech
  • Paola Testori Coggi, Board Member of Cluster ALISEI
  • Alberto Avaltroni, VP Country Head of Galapagos Biopharma Italy
  • Sophie Messagé, Head of Economic and Commercial Mission of Flanders, Brussels – Capital, and Wallonia Government of Flanders