Open Innovation in healthcare: agreement between Ventive and the Paideia International Hospital and Mater Dei group

The agreement signed between Ventive and the Paideia International Hospital and Mater Dei group includes a battle between startups to develop cutting-edge solutions for healthcare companies

The world of start-ups is linked to healthcare, introducing open innovation into the field of hospital care. This thanks to the agreement between Ventive and the Paideia International Hospital and Mater Dei Group, hospitals located in Rome. With the support of Ventive, an investment and consultancy company for startups, a selection of young innovation companies will compete to develop cutting-edge solutions for healthcare companies.

Challenge between the 30 best startups

In detail, the agreement provides for Ventive to organize a battle, i.e. a competition in which the thirty best early stage startups selected by Ventive itself will participate. Participants will present their ideas to a jury of experts in startups, healthcare and venture capital. Up for grabs is a prize of €10,000 to be allocated to the study and in-depth analysis of the solutions to be put at the service of Paideia and Mater Dei.

The partnership begins a dialogue between startups and healthcare

Carolina Grassi and Beatrice Ridolfi, Project Manager of Ventive, declare: “We are happy with this collaboration with the Paideia International Hospital Group and Mater Dei General Hospital because it breaks down a historical wall that has always divided the world of startups from that of healthcare. With this partnership begins a dialogue that can bring very important results. We begin to follow a path towards game changer solutions in a delicate and strategic sector“.

We have been considering opening ourselves up to contributions from startups for some time,” says Alberto De Angelis, Commercial Director and Innovation Manager of the Paideia Group and Mater Dei. “Until now, the open innovation sector has remained distant from the healthcare sector, due to the economic barriers that characterize our sector, but also because to dialogue with healthcare companies requires a wealth of specific and vertical knowledge, which is not insignificant We are certain that this partnership will help us find the contributions we are looking for, that is, solutions in both the B2B and B2C fields.

Ventive, a leading company in startup support since 2019

To try to solve the crucial problems in the development of a new economy, in 2019, a group of very young entrepreneurs led by Roberto Sfoglietta – founded Ventive, which invests in startups and promotes entrepreneurial growth. In just 24 months, investors have become 180, reaching 23 million euros in 33 startups. Ventive has also grown in terms of resources, recruiting 20 young talents into its team, all strictly under 30.