Launch Event Of ITTBioMed – Innovation & Technology Transfer In Biomedicine Milan, September 19th

Launch conference
with the Leading Biotech Experts
September 19, 2023
16:00-18:00 UTC+2
Village Pavillion, MIND (Milano Innovation District)
Viale Decumano 19, Milan, Italy

The new crucial driver for Europe and Italy’s future prosperity that aims to:

  • Create a network of dialogue among academic institutions, research centers and companies;
  • Foster a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capitals in biomedicine;
  • Support the development and the commercialization of biomedical innovations.

MIND – Milano innovation District, Founding partner

Lendlease, Sponsor

European project T-Factor, Media partner

  1. Aims of Innovation and Technology Transfer in Biomedicine (ITTBioMed) Ludovico Baldessin – Chief Executve Officer of Edra; Giorgio Racagni – Editor in Chief of ITTBioMed.
  2. Reinforcement of research and disseminaton of innovatve paradigms for fundamental and applied research in concert with academic institutions, public and private research centers, to facilitate the innovation and technological transfer (ITT) Monica Di Luca – Director of the Department of Excellence in Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Milan, Italy; Sergio Abrignani – Full Professor, Department of Clinical and Community Sciences, University of Milan, Italy; Scientific Director of the National Institute of Molecular Genetics of Milan.
  3. Role of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology enterprises in catalyzing and supporting the Technology Transfer Fabrizio Greco – President Assobiotec; Marco Zibellini – Technical and Scientific Director, Farmindustria.
  4. Function of National and International Institutions, including Regulatory Agencies, in enabling ITT and streamlining access to innovative pharmaceuticals Luca Pani – Full Professor, Department of Biomedical, Metabolic and Neuroscience, Polyclinic, UNIMORE – University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia, Italy; Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, University of Miami, USA.
  5. Facilitation and engagement of startups and Venture Capital for advancing Technological Transfer Pierluigi Paracchi – Chief Executive Officer of Genenta; Fabio Bianco – Chief Scientific Officer, Bio4dreams.
  6. The power of health data for people, patients, and innovation Paola Testori Coggi – Ambassador Future of Health, Federated Innovation @MIND.
  7. Challenges and opportunities in technology transfer: FITT presentation Marco Baccanti – Direttore Generale della Fondazione Innovazione e Trasferimento Tecnologico (FITT).
  8. Formulation of strategies to attract prominent Italian and foreign corporations to foster and propel ITT Fiorenza Lipparini – Strategic Partner MIND; Co-Founder and Managing Partner PlusValue.
  9. Technology transfer as a tool to address scientific knowledge to market Riccardo Pietrabissa – Rector of IUSS, Pavia, Italy; Coordinatore della Commissione CRUI per la Valorizzazione della Ricerca e Trasferimento tecnologico
  10. Presentation of ITTBioMed website Elisa Grignani – Publishing Editor of Edra.
The event will be held in Italian.


Giorgio Racagni, Editor in Chief of ITTBioMed

Ludovico Baldessin, Chief Executive Officer of Edra

Domenico Mancini, General Manager Journals of Edra



Organizational Secretariat –

Elisa Grignani, Publishing Editor of Edra –

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