Kernel: the empowering DNA manipulation

A software tool named Kernel is being developed by ASIMOV to incorporate various features related to DNA manipulation. Recently, a beta version of Kernel was launched for a specific group of students.
Kernel includes a curated database of 650,000 searchable DNA sequences, which can be easily selected and arranged on a DNA assembly canvas to create plasmids with customized functions. Additionally, Kernel provides a simulator tool that predicts the behavior of these DNA constructs inside cells, including their transcription rates and protein expression levels.

The development team is actively working on adding version control tools to track the usage and modifications of DNA sequences over time. They are also preparing to introduce new permission tools to facilitate collaboration among scientists, enabling them to work on private projects or share entire collections of DNA sequences as open-source.

The ASIMOV’s goal is to foster a community around this tool, and the team acknowledges the importance of releasing useful features that streamline the existing workflows of biologists. As the community grows, the team hopes that others will develop custom extensions or plugins to facilitate the design and debugging of biological sequences.
The company is also considering the possibility of creating an AI-powered tool, similar to Copilot, inspired by GitHub, that can generate biological sequences with desired functions.