Infrastructure Essential for the Progress of the Biotechnology Sector

At the heart of the biotechnology sector, technology transfer emerges as key to converting scientific discoveries into commercial realities. Recently, an event organized by ITTBioMed by Edra and DLA Piper, and supported by Lendlease, MIND, and T-Factor, highlighted the importance of these processes. The event “Patents and Secrets: Technology Transfer in Life Sciences” aimed to strengthen the biotech sector in Italy, focusing on the protection of industrial property and scientific know-how.

During the event, Diego Valazza, Business Development Director of Lendlease, shared his group’s vision on the role of infrastructure in biotechnological development: “We are working on an urban scale to develop the essential infrastructure for the sector’s progress,” Valazza explained. The infrastructure in question includes a public-private partnership that has involved entities such as the Galeazzi Sant’Ambrogio Hospital and the Human Technopole. Valazza emphasized the MIND infrastructure, a city of iScience, as an essential service for Italy and Europe, highlighting MIND’s potential in attracting talent and entrepreneurs, which is crucial for generating innovation. “MIND has become a benchmark, a testament to our ability to make a significant impact,” Valazza concluded, stressing the importance of fully leveraging the opportunities offered by this infrastructure.