Imaging biomarkers: a better understanding of drugs’ mechanism of action

Median Technologies and PASREL-Imagerie join forces in developing and implementing smart imaging biomarkers to better understand the oncology drugs’ mechanism of action in precision medicine

Delivering imaging biomarkers for the development of new oncology drugs and a better understanding of their mechanisms of action in precision medicine era. This is the core of the agreement signed by Median Technologies (ALMDT) and PASREL-Imagerie. By leveraging its expertise in medical imaging, PASREL-Imagerie brings its know-how and support to Median in the implementation of advanced imaging biomarkers for early phase oncology trials. This agreement will create a strong and unique differentiator for Median’s iCRO offering, compared to the offerings of other imaging vendors targeting the biopharmaceutical industry, a note said.

Imaging biomarkers to assess drugs’ mechanism of action

Nicolas Dano, COO iCRO at Median Technologies said:
 “By creating Imaging Lab in 2022, we showed our commitment to providing advanced imaging technologies to the biopharmaceutical industry. The agreement signed with PASREL-Imagerie aims to implement relevant and smart imaging biomarkers to assess new drug mechanisms of action and provide preliminary efficacy insights in early phase clinical trials. For us, this ability will be a unique point of differentiation compared to imaging vendors providing only classical imaging readouts”.

Through the association, Median will strengthen its superior expertise in medical imaging technologies with a scientific approach paving the way for fruitful discussions with translational and biomarker scientists as well as medical directors involved in the early phases of drug development. This agreement clearly demonstrates Median’s commitment to supporting the rise of precision medicine” he added.

This alliance with Median Technologies, a key player in imaging for clinical trials, strengthens PASREL-Imagerie in its mission to support pharmaceutical industry by promoting its scientific expertise and its technology platforms for medical imaging” mentioned Vincent Lebon, Director of PASREL-Imagerie and Department Chief at CEA. “We have here a synergy between two major players of the drug development value chain to accelerate and derisk medical innovation for patient benefit”.

Mechanism of action’s knowledge develops new drugs more effectively

It is essential having advance imaging biomarkers linked to the drug’s mechanism of action. This can lead to a better understanding of the biological effect of oncology drugs and collecting additional evidence of efficiency in the early phases of clinical trials. The resulting knowledge would enable to develop new drugs more effectively, while making the drug development cycle safer and shorter.

PASREL-Imagerie brings together 33 technical platforms and has a long-lasting experience of industry partnerships to support innovative drug developments. Moreover the company has the scientific and medical expertise in the entire imaging value chain: from radiotracer production to image acquisition and processing for statistical and quantitative analysis.

Instead, Median Technologies provides innovative imaging solutions and services to advance healthcare. With the power of medical images using advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies, the company trys to increase the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. The iCRO solutions for medical image analysis and management in oncology trials it is used to bring new treatments and diagnose patients earlier and more accurately.