Fabrizio Grillo (Bracco) is the new President of Federated Innovation @MIND

Federated Innovation @MIND has nominated Fabrizio Grillo, Director of Public Affairs & International Relations at Bracco, as its new president

Federated Innovation @MIND has appointed Fabrizio Grillo, Director of Public Affairs & International Relations at Bracco, as its new president, with Simone Astiaso Garcia, Senior Vice President Engineering & Operations at ELT Group, as his vice president. Federated Innovation @MIND is the collaborative public-private model born in 2021 as an innovation driver of MIND (Milano Innovation District). It is promoted by Lendlease with the contribution of Cariplo Factory.

The new governance: continuity with the previous presidency

In continuity with the previous presidency, the new governance will further strengthen the awareness of Federated Innovation. In fact, it will be done both within MIND and in the broader Italian and international innovation ecosystems, continuing to develop public-private dialogue to support the implementation of projects that positively impact the Future of Health and the Cities of the Future, which are the two thematic pillars of the network.

Moreover, particular attention will also be paid to expanding the network of companies that make up the fabric of Federated Innovation.

Over the next three years, particular attention will be paid to technology transfer. Federated Innovation @MIND can now serve as a knowledge accelerator model for creating an advanced ecosystem in the world of research. In fact, Federated Innovation today brings together all the characteristics and competencies necessary to transfer knowledge, technology, and skills from the field of scientific research to the market.il

The new mandate: focus on health and cities of the future

In the first three years of Federated Innovation, the companies and institutions of the network have created innovation and stimulated debate around the two pillars of the Future of Health and the Cities of the Future. The new mandate aims to continue to focus on these two areas in particular, through the President’s intention to create a fabric of high-profile events bringing together companies, institutions, and research centers to also confront themselves internationally.

Finally, the new presidency will focus on enhancing the over 100 innovation initiatives born in recent years within Federated Innovation and seeking funding opportunities for new projects proposed by companies through the network’s adopted model, collaborate to compete. For example, a model that goes beyond classical open innovation, aimed at generating research and innovation initiatives, promoting technology transfer, and idea contamination on a platform open to the collaboration of all companies, universities, and entities involved, and with a legal structure to protect intellectual property.

I enthusiastically accept the position of President of Federated Innovation, an initiative in which I have believed from the beginning for its potential to become a true game changer in the field of innovation linked to companies,” commented Fabrizio Grillo. “I intend to act in continuity with the previous mandate to further build on the excellent results achieved in recent years. In particular, this triennium will be based on some clear directives: strengthening the awareness of Federated Innovation not only within MIND but also in the Italian innovation ecosystem and towards the international one; continue to expand the network of companies; create a small scientific committee; start a technology transfer process, and last but not least, create a program of high-profile events on the themes of the Future of Health and the Cities of the Future.”

Get to know the new leaders

Heading the Public Affairs & International Relations Office of Bracco Pharma Group since 2016, Fabrizio Grillo gained extensive experience in the field of institutions and international relations, working in both public and private organizations. He held positions of great responsibility at the Municipality of Milan, dealing with relations with the European Commission, the European Parliament, and UNESCO. In these contexts, he has managed legal, economic, research and analysis, political issues, as well as advocacy and fundraising actions in the fields of industrial policy and research and development. Between 2009 and 2016, he followed Expo2015 in Milan and the Italian Pavilion, as Secretary General, managing relations with participating countries, International Organizations (UN, EU, OECD), fostering new partnerships, and implementing important business projects.

With over 20 years of managerial experience in the Aerospace & Defense sector, Simone Astiaso Garcia has participated in important national and international projects in Italy, UK, Germany, and the USA. At ELT Group since 2001, he currently holds the position of Senior Vice President Engineering & Operations, leading Technical Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrialization, Customer Service, and Sourcing & Supply Chain Management. He is a member of the BOD of E4Life (startup born within Federated Innovation @MIND from ELT Group and Lendlease in the new domain of Biodéfense) and Solinx USA (ELT Group’s subsidiary in Boston, a reference point for Sourcing, Technological Scouting, and Marketing in the USA).