Sustainable Development. Agreement between Assobiotec and European Biosolutions Coalition

accordo assobiotec -european coalition large gruppo

Assobiotec, the national association of Federchimica for the development of biotechnologies, has signed an agreement with the European Biosolution Coalition, an international organization born on October 26th in Brussels. The goal is to identify and overcome european regulatory barriers that hinder the diffusion of biotechnological solutions in the agricultural and industrial fields. The agreement was signed during the international event Ecomondo, which concerns technologies, services, and industrial solutions in the green and circular economy sectors.

The coalition’s goals

The European Biosolution Coalition aims to work to identify legislative barriers to the development and commercialization of bio-based products in Europe and the necessary policy actions to overcome them. They also aim to increase awareness among policymakers about the benefits and possibilities offered by biosolutions for a more sustainable future and to spread correct information among stakeholders, member states, and European institutions.

Assobiotec is part of the biorevolution for the future of the planet

According to Elena Sgaravatti, Vice President of Assobiotec: “Biotechnologies applied in the agricultural and industrial fields are an extraordinary resource for sustainable development and can play a key role in responding to the great challenges of our time, such as the need to produce more food with fewer resources, safeguarding biodiversity, fighting climate change, or adopting a one-health approach. However, too many cultural and regulatory barriers still hinder their development at the community and national levels.


The adhesion of Assobiotec to the European Biosolution Coalition aims to contribute to breaking down the many cultural and regulatory barriers that are leaving Europe on the margins of a global revolution: the biorevolution, on which the future of the planet is being built”.


Sofie Carsten Nielsen, European Biosolutions Coalition Director, states: “We are very honored to welcome our Italian partners from Assobiotec to the European Biosolutions Coalition. The potential of biosolutions is enormous and can help Europe achieve its sustainable development goals. However, to exploit this potential, we need more decision-makers, especially in Europe, to understand what biosolutions are and know their potential. The President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is making biotechnologies and bioindustrial solutions – or in short, biosolutions – a priority for the EU, and this is something very important. Now we must act so that many more biosolutions can reach European markets to solve the challenges of the green transition and protect Europe from a geopolitical, economic, and future green job perspective”.