A new ITS “Biotech for Life ITS Academy” has been just launched in Puglia

The new ITS “Biotech for Life ITS Academy” inaugurated in Lecce (Puglia) to train specialized professional figures for the working world

A new Higher Technical Institute – ITS “Biotech for Life ITS Academy” has been just launched in Lecce (Puglia) at the headquarters of the CNR-Nanotec-ED.C, during the opening of the 2023/2025 training offer for professionalizing tertiary training. At the event there was also the president of the ITS BIOTECH For Life Foundation, Milena Rizzo.

ITS: tertiary training that responds to the working world

ITS were created to respond to companies’ demand for new and high technical and technological skills. These are tools through which it is possible to train high-level professional figures, equipped with marketable, certifiable and recognizable skills in the national and European qualification system. These are opportunities to young people to enter the regional job market.

The president of the Foundation declares: “The professionalizing tertiary training system constitutes, in this precise historical moment, the answer to, at least, three unresolved processes that concern the work and training systems. From a methodological point of view, the short-cycle training offered by ITS forces us to perfect the interconnection mechanisms between schools, training institutions and companies. On an economic-social level, the ITS are called to respond to a completely secondary emergency. Finally, on a cultural level, the ITS system seems to embody the sense of Educating Community, as an adequate model for implementing a strategy for building custom-oriented skills, in which the active contribution of political decision-makers, local administrations, families, workers jobs, world of entrepreneurs and businesses. According to the Excelsior-Unioncamere report, more than one million two hundred thousand jobs remain unfilled due to a lack of suitable candidates“.

Leo (Councillor of the Puglia Region): The new ITS intercepts a constantly growing sector

The new ITS Biotech for Life, within the technological area of ​​New Technologies for Life, intercepts a sector with around 3,000 direct and related employees, which has been constantly growing in recent years”, states the Education Councilor, Training and Work of the Puglia Region Sebastiano Leo. “The health theme, more traditionally understood in Puglia, intersects with personal care and well-being, where higher technician figures are highly sought after. Puglia is in fact the sixth region for pharmaceutical exports (4.4% of the national total), which exceeded one billion euros in 2017, and is home to numerous centers of excellence of the largest international groups“.

Adds Mauro Minelli, Foundation for Personalized Medicine: “It’s about creating new excellences to place them where the demand is most pressing, and therefore strongest. The challenge of translational research in medicine, with the transfer of basic research results into useful clinical uses, is certainly among the most urgent to face.”