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Monica Di Luca has been Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Milan since 1999. She is at present the Director of Department of Excellence of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences of University of Milan. She is a member of the EMBO and has received major international distinctions and awards.

Her primary research interest is related to synaptic plasticity both in physiological and pathological conditions, with the primary aim to apply her basic findings to the cure of neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer Disease. 

Her discoveries enriched our understanding of glutamatergic synapse in physiology and pathology, increasing our knowledge on plasticity and memory and leading to new tools for neuroprotection. A prominent trait of Monica DiLuca’s career is her deep and exigent involvement in sharing ideas over borders and establishing collaborative multi stakeholder networks merging scientists, clinicians and patients’ organizations. She has played a pivotal role in international organizations for Neuroscience research in connection with societal challenges also serving as a member of Council of several national and international scientific organizations.