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Dr. Bianco received a degree in Medical Biotechnology (2003) and a PhD in Pharmacology (2006) from the University of Milan. In 2007 he founded Neuro-Zone srl, a CRO focused on delivering highly technological product for increasing efficiency in drug discovery programs using a cutting edge multiparametric analysis approach. Under his guidance, Neuro-Zone has been the 2008 European Academic Enterprise Award finalist. In 2009, NeuroZone was ranked among the Top 25 Most Innovative European Life Science companies at Eurecan European Venture Contest.

In 2016, Dr. Bianco founded BrainDTech Spa, focused on the development of biomarkers for brain diseases from liquid biopsies. As CEO of BrainDTech, he enabled BrainDTech to be among the Top 20 global miRNA-based startups in 2021 (www.medicalstartups.org).

Dr. Bianco is CSO of Bio4Dreams Spa, a certified private business nursery accelerator for early-stage innovative startups in life science with over 35 founded startups within the last 5 years. He has become Scientific Reviewer Board Member of the Merck Manual of Health –Italian Version – and sits on the Editorial Board of Annals of Neurodegenerative Disorders. He is also member of Life Science Professionals, Pharma Connections and Drug Discovery and Development Professionals.